Our housing solutions provide high-quality triple-A tenants, guaranteed rental income and increased return on investment.

Who We Are

Elevation Property Management is a reliable, full-service residential and commercial property management company that has been servicing Canadian houses, condos and multi-unit properties for more than a decade. Our team of committed experts takes pride in offering unbeatable housing solutions across Ontario with many properties and millions of dollars in management.

We specialize in the management of elite luxury housing, purpose-built rental housing and apartment, and partners’ buildings and facilities.

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Our Services

We work with you to build a better and promising future whether you rent, own or invest with us. We do our best to meet the needs of everyone in the housing industry. Providing clean properties, trouble-free, secure and healthy environments. We’ve got your back.


Want to own a building and make a profit?


Owning a commercial building with tenants can bring unexpected problems. We are ready and can handle it.  


We offer a wide range of elite luxury housing properties.


Purpose-built luxury homes and apartments between 30 and 100 units.  

Residential Property Management

From renting out vacancies, vetting tenants, and scheduling and maintaining the buildings to inspecting properties, and handling tenant emergency and non-emergency situations, we take care of everything for a small portion of the rental income.

We specialize in residential property management and offer a minimum contract period of one year. To learn more about how we would assume your residential property management, please visit our forum for investors and owners.

Commercial Property Management

Our team at Elevation Property Management possesses over 15 years of experience in residential and commercial property management. We are committed to helping our clients reach their property goals and dreams.

We’ll make the property management process a breeze for you for a small portion of the rental income (3% to 10%, depending on property & number of units). The minimum contract length for this service is one year.

Elite Luxury Housing

This is our newest program in 2020, We offer a wide range of elite luxury housing properties. Our aim is to conduct business with optimal efficiency and preciseness to ensure housing solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Purpose-Built Rental Housing and Apartments

These facilities offer financial planning programs, kids programs and after-school care, educational assistance for kids and adults, and a reading area.

The aim of our purpose build housing is to provide a positive hope for all families that enroll or live in our property.



Why Elevation?

Our dynamic and proactive team is equipped with the skills, knowledge, and experience to help you avoid high-priced mistakes. Based on your specific investment opportunity and housing needs, requirements, and preferences, our experts will determine the best solution for you to ensure results that exceed your expectations.

From finding a qualified corporate tenant for you, handling everyday maintenance requests, and project property renovations to planning long-term strategies for growth, and creating investment solutions, we do it all!

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